I Throw Temper Tantrums




My two year old has been just that lately; a two year old.   The common phrase the “terrible twos” has hit our household, and worse than we have experienced yet as first time parents. Most of the day,  I hear whining, crying, screaming and banging and kicking on floors and toys being thrown and the common word “No!”.   It is to the point, most days,  where I want to pull my hair out, to where my husband comes home and it takes everything in me to try not to ruin his day,  because I am so stressed out.  This is nothing new to every parent. Every parent goes through it at some point with their children.

Today, my son was screaming very loudly at the top of his lungs, like he was on the most scariest roller coaster ride of his life.  I picked him up, gave him a frustrated spanking on the behind and sat him in time out.  As I walked away,  I thought to myself, “I do the same thing.”   I do the same exact thing that I just and always punish my son for.  I scream too. I cry, and loudly sometimes when no one is around.   I have thrown things before when my stress has amounted to the point that I do not know how to take it. My son is doing the very exact same things I do when I get angry and frustrated.  I am sure he has seen me act that way, and I am punishing him for doing the same exact thing I do.

“I throw temper tantrums too.”

I scream into pillows, I hit my bed like a punching bag, I pick up pillows and I throw them into the bed, I kick pillows, I cry to my husband like a five year old.   My son is just like me, only, no one spanks me for my temper tantrums, no one puts me in time out.  Boy, am I a mess.

“Good news for my mess.”

You know what is good news for me,  for my temper tantrums?  You know what is good news for my mess?  The grace of God. My sons’ only examples of grace in his tiny life right now are his parents. I must, in my ministry through motherhood, show him grace.

I went to my son and instead of getting upset and frustrated with him and punishing him for his temper tantrum, I handed him a pillow and said, ” Scream into the pillow, just like mommy does.” I need to teach him that being angry is human, being upset and stressed is human, those are emotions that God gave to us, but to use in the correct way, to use to glorify God. I need to teach him to “Scream into the pillow, just like mommy does”. I am so thankful for Gods grace on me. I probably need lots of spankings and lots of time outs, and God chastises me much in so many ways. For that I am thankful.   I am thankful for his chastisement for through it I learn to follow more of His commands, for through it I can give out more grace, for through it I can show both of my beautiful son’s a picture of God’s grace.   God is so good to me.

Hebrews 12:6

“6 For the Lord disciplines the one he loves,

    and chastises every son whom he receives.”


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